Hubploy’s Expected Directory Structure

Hubploy expects the directory structure shown in the hubploy template repository. The folders must be set up in this fashion:

├── .github
│   └── workflows
│       ├── deploy.yaml
│       └── image-build.yaml
├── deployments
│   └── hub
│       ├── config
│       │   ├── common.yaml
│       │   ├── prod.yaml
│       │   └── staging.yaml
│       ├── hubploy.yaml
│       ├── image
│       │   ├──
│       │   ├── postBuild
│       │   └── requirements.txt
│       └── secrets
│           ├── aws-ecr-config.cfg
│           ├── aws-eks-config.cfg
│           ├── prod.yaml
│           └── staging.yaml
├── hub
│   ├── Chart.yaml
│   ├── requirements.lock
│   ├── requirements.yaml
│   ├── templates
│   │   ├── jupyter-notebook-config.yaml
│   │   └── nfs-pvc.yaml
│   └── values.yaml
├── README.rst
└── requirements.txt

.github Folder

This folder houses the GitHub Workflow files that you can use for Continuous Integration with Hubploy. deploy.yaml will attempt to build the staging or production JupyterHub upon updates to the respective GitHub branch. image-build.yaml will attempt to build the JupyterHub image upon updates to only the production branch.

These files have references to a Docker image that uses Hubploy. You can change this image. Some options are listed in How to Setup a Hubploy Development Environment.

Deployments Folder

The deployments folder can hold multiple subfolders, but each must have the same structure as the hub folder. Renaming the hub folder is part of the recommended workflow for deploying a JupyterHub. Each subfolder directly under deployments needs a different name so that Hubploy can distinguish between them in Hubploy commands.

Each JupyterHub is deployed with YAML files. The YAML files listed under deployments must have these names.

Hubploy takes in secrets for credentialing via the .cfg files. You can rename these freely, just be sure to put the proper names into hubploy.yaml.

The image folder can have additional files depending on how you are building the image. See more in the image building how-to. If you are not specifying images in your hubploy.yaml file, the images/ folder can be deleted.

Hub Folder

The hub folder houses a local Helm Chart. This chart and folder can be renamed, but the name needs to be present in Hubploy commands, the files in the .github folder, and in Chart.yaml . Modification of the files in here should be done as you would change a Helm Chart.