Image Builder

Your repository should have a directory with a Dockerfile. image-builder builds the docker image only if there is already not an image for the last commit that changed the contents of the directory. This lets you run it unconditionally on each deploy to make sure you have an image to use.


hubploy-image-builder <path-to-image-directory> <image-name>

<path-to-image-directory> is a directory in a git repository with a Dockerfile. <image-name> is a full docker image name without a tag.

This command needs to be run on a machine with docker installed and accessible to the user running the command.

It will:

  1. Discover last commit that touched the directory
  2. Check if an image already exists in the docker image registry where the tag is the commit hash of the last commit to touch the image directory
  3. If the image does not exist, build the image and push it.